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in florida. they can actually petition the federal government, the justice department, to draw temporary district lines that. so that's actually what you run in and you serve for the first term. >> two years? >> you serve for two years in these temporary lines. while the process actually plays itself out. >> so what would you tell a candidate who is thinking about running for office in florida? what would you tell them to do, todd harris? >> well, it's if you're running for the state legislature? >> anything, state legislature or congress, when you don't know what the lines are going to be, potentially until about two weeks before the filing deadline? >> i would say double down on your base. you know, find as many people that you think are persuadable in depending on how the geography works, in some kind of con continuous geographical area. because then you're going to have the best chance of actually talking to people who could end up voting for you. >> and dave beatty, let's talk about florida's role as a swing state come the fall of 2012. we know it's going to be close. it is now earn
. >>> además un arresto violento en la florida. >>> y los rebeldes en libia no c munr gadauni-edrsnot l puebed.n . isionnot un.noc.univisnoi-edunio un [ loionr ] t uni- oc. cartaivisio el asnot. n uni-edxperie. que nisionitas not un .noc.a cualunivisr rep. ivisioautozonot @ empresa favorecía a los hombres para puestos gerenciales, algo que walmart niega. >>> le dan la oportunidad a las personas que puedan ejercer sus derechos . >>> la corte suprema tiene que decidir si.noc.univisionnot uni una oportunidad dijo dukes.not suprema, tienen en sus manos el caso para poder decired.n si la decisión i-ed.noc.univisionnot panorama le.noc.univis incluidoo similar contra kotsko, seguroun muchas mujerennot uni-ed.nh@uni corte suprema . >>> gracias martín por la información, buenas noches . >>> unas imágenes que comenzaron a circular en las redes sociales por un arresto en la florida causan problema y controversia. >>> en el video publicado en youtube se aprecia a un oficial cde la policía y a un guardia de seguridad, forcejeando y tirando a una mujer y un hombre, otro video muestra el origen d
news from florida. president obama making the progress on the new jobs report. falling to the lowest rate in nearly two years. those remarks come in a speech on one of america's most daunting problems, our underperforming schools, the event held at the senior high school, what the president will out the as a comeback story, that school one of the hundreds of low-performing schools receiving federal money to turn things around. the most interesting twist here is that former florida governor, jeb bush, is joining the president here today. does that mean no jeb in 2012? with us for prix and prospeech comments are john highland, national political columnist with new york magazine and msnbc contributor dave weigel. jeb bush, arm in arm with barack obama after saying some harsh things in the past when obama is taking shots at his brother. what do you make of that? >> it's interesting the education reform is one of those issues that to some extent is come to transcend the normal partisan divisions that keep people from being on stage together normally. so you see people -- joan kline, the f
the balance of his time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition? mr. webster: mr. speaker, by the direction of the committee on rules, i call up house resolution 189 and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the resolution. caller: house calendar number 22, house resolution 189. resolved, that at any time after the adoption of this resolution the speaker may, pursuant to clause 2-b of rule 18, declare the house resolved into the committee of the whole house on the state of the union for consideration of the bill h.r. 658, to amend title 49, united states code, to authorize appropriations for the federal aviation administration for fiscal years 2011 through 2014, to streamline programs, create efficiencies, reduce waste, and improve aviation safety and capacity, to provide stable funding for the national aviation system, and for other purposes. the first reading of the bill shall be dispensed with. all points of order against consideration of the bill are waived. general debate shall be conf
, with the kepgz of south florida and southern texas, has gone at least temporarily and we can thank that storm system that came through now pushed off the east coast that brought down cold high pressure. and this is arctic air from the north and it's here to stay for at least probably four to five days. we have rain and snow out there this morning. omaha, you have snow on the ground. we had a little snow mixing in around kansas city. the roads should be just fine. you will need that umbrella "early today." the forecast, there's the showers in kansas city. it's going to be warm in texas at least in south florida. from the great lakes to the northeast, bundle up yourself and the kids. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. orlando, florida, holding on to the warmth at 82 degrees. even with a little bit of sunshine today, new york city only 41. columbus, ohio, same four. as we go to pueblo, we'll warm up a little bit this afternoon to 65. lynn, we don't have any big huge storms this weekend, but some areas will have to deal with a little bi
interstate bickering. >> florida doesn't respect the process where the calendar was set, it shouldn't be bound to the process by which the convention site was selected. >> chris: join me now is chris stirewalt, fox news politics digital. good evening. why is everybody so mad at florida? >> nores decided it doesn't really care if it's popular with the rest of the republicans in the country they're going to break up what the rnc had carefully crafted, a plan to delay the primary process. there wouldn't be anybody other than the big three. well, really the big four now of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada in the early going. >> chris: they would start in february. >> they would start in february. >> so the republicans were happy it would go slower this year and they'd have time for campaigns to get off the ground. florida says new huh, they're on the books with a january 31 primary. what is happening is the people in these states like iowa and south carolina are very upset. what they want to do is punish florida by taking away the republican national convention. a very lu
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companying thisres. lugs if offered by representative mica of florida or his designee, which shall be in order without intervention of any point of order, shall be considered as read, shall be separately debatable for 10 minutes equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opobe and shall not be subject to mand for a division of the question and three, one megs to recommit with or without instructions. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one hour. mr. sessions: i yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentleman from florida, mr. hastings, and i yield myself such time as i may consume. during consideration of this resolution all time yielded is for purpose of debate only. i ask that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. sessions: house resolution 128 provided for a construction rule of h.r. 662. this rule provides for ample debate and opportunities for members on both sides of the aisle, both of the majority and minority, to make sure that they ha
from canada and that cold front made its way from georgia into north florida. so it's chilly out there for everyone on the eastern seaboard. we're going to warm up and stay mild in texas and there's that exception. there's the rain and snow mix. kansas city is mostly rain. north of there, around st. joseph, we've been in and out of snow overnight and we have snow being reported over omaha that's trying to shift over the southern half of iowa. there may be some coupled areas. travel shouldn't be too bad. forecast today, still nice in florida, but much cooler. about 20 degrees cooler in atlanta. nice in areas of texas. that's all we can do for you today in new england. highs in the 30s. that's a look at your friday forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. last friday, new york city was in the mid 70s. today, 41 degrees. that's it. average high temperature for this time of year in new england and the mid-atlantic should at least be in the upper 40s to low 50s. we're about 10 degrees below normal. lynn, i don't have a warm up for you over the weekend, but i do
the caps play. >> that are open to shine in florida to the night where rigid while another florida team. florida to the night where rigid while another florida team. it looks like march [music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every suogle can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving a forward. >> george mason came into today's semifinal game against virginia commonwealth with a 16 game winning streak under its belt. but all good things must come to an end, and that is how it went down today. here's the head coach before tipoff, ready for the big game. mason trails 39-23. mason has a comeback, but nixon finds it burgess. vcu whence and manages to knock down 20 but frank mason. the national look to take on the atlanta braves and get a win in florida today. debt wyler is a strong candidate for the fifth starter a job. he allowed only one hard-hit ball. it was his 28th birthda
. big east player of the year, been hansbrough leading second seed notre dame against ten seed florida state. the 'noles get out to a strong start, catch and shoot three-pointer. the florida state up 34-23 at the half. second half, hansbrough tries to keep it close, he bury as three. he was 5 of 13 shooting last night. florida state runs away with this game, 71-57 blowout. they play virginia commonwealth in the sweet 16. here's why. 11 seed vcu against purdue. one was not even close. a lot of people thought vcu shouldn't have gotten into the tournament. they beat up georgetown and last night looked sharp. vcu understands purdue, 94-76, their third win in five days. they get florida state next. >>> the big east matchup. syracuse taking on marquette. both out of the big east. game tied, 59-59. darius odom clutch, triple, gus johnson on the call. the golden eagles of marquette going onto the sweet 16. they play second-seeded north carolina. marquette one of only two teams along with uconn from the big east out of 11 in the tournament to make it to the sweet 16. wild finish here, five seed
evening news, after a bp spill, a florida town tells college students the party is back on. >> mitchell: the coast is clear in florida. after last year's pp oil spill and disastrous tourist season, many towns along the gulf coast are counting on college students to pour much-needed cash back into the economy. with spring break set to start, elaine quijano in panama city tells us that party feeling is back. >> reporter: spring doesn't officially start for another two weeks, but in panama city beach, florida, spring break has already arrived. >> i love it here, and i'm glad that i got some sun. the weather is beautiful this whole week so it's so nice. >> reporter: this weekend kicks off the tourist season here, now critically important after last year's disastrous season. >> we're a tear. 2010 was going to be a wonderful year furst. i mean all things were lining up. the deepwater horizon oil spill changed that. >> reporter: as oil gushed into the gulf last year, panama city beach escaped the worst effects. its white sand beaches were largely untouched except for a few tarballs. but oil wa
if rented a beach house and arrived to find an alley? >> yeah, this is florida gator country. it's really happening, folks. we're going to tell you how con >>> we have some video that might be unsettling to some. this is being hailed a medical miracle. a man down in texas has become the first in the country to receive a full face transplant. this is the before now. a couple of years ago, dallas weans was disfigured at work when his hand touched a high-voltage power line. that changed last week as surgeons replaced his nose, lips, facial muscles and nerves from an anonymous donor. that surgery took 15 hours. this is video again before the surgery. recovery will take months. and weans will not be able to see. >>> thousands of spring breakers are hitting the beaches in south florida, hoping for that dream vacation. but some tourists are having a spring break nightmare, when they realize the room they rented online doesn't even exist. jeff burnside investigates a south florida underground scam. ♪ >> reporter: miami and south beach remain a popular spring break destination for young people l
in maryland. maryland could join california and florida and minnesota in allowing? to sit with their dog owners and outdoor areas. and still to come, what could soon move into montgomery county that has neighbors upset. >>> + changes in the rain and warm weather on the way. >>> and a battle for first in florida. plus, coach k, need i say more? florida. plus, coach k, need i say more? >> the montgomery county school board vote scheduled for tomorrow has residents quite heated. >> that is because they will vote to turn a parcel of land in the community into a soccer complex. >> nick combed through corn harvested on the organic farm in potomac that he has been running for 31 years. but a phone call last week is bringing his business to an end. >> they said they will not be able to renew my lease. >> instead, the land that he leases from montgomery county public schools is slated to become county soccer field. >> the towns of potomac, rockville, and no. bethesda area, again, there are very few soccer fields in the area. it will benefit the entire region. >> it will be a public-private facili
>>> right now. wildfire shut down a stretch of a highway in florida. we'll tell you where things stand as crews try to get it under control. >>> plus, as oil prices rise, get ready to pay more even if you don't drive a car. why this could hurt your wallet in ways that you may not have thought of. >>> and charlie sheen opens up to piers morgan in his first live tv interview. >> let me ask you a direct question, are you under the influence right now of any substances? >> no, i'm under the influence of you. >> wow. why he says he isn't an addict. why he says people who think he is are losers. this is "american morning." >>> good morning. welcome to "american morning," i'm ali velshi. >> i was wondering when you were going to say that. it's tuesday, march 1st. so it's the 1st of march. >> that's right. >> we have not seen the weather let up this entire season. >> it felt pretty wintery, it hasn't let up. they're really right now in the midwest, not from snow, but tornadoes, twisters flattened homes in three states yesterday. and in ohio, there are big concerns this morning about floo
good and that is going to be tough and. >>> and san antonio, vcu florida state in ot and with seven secs left. putting the rams up 1. florida state looking for a win, seven secs left and derwin with the drive and instead of shooting, he passes to singleton and that is swiped. vcu wins 70-71 and face kansas in the elite 8 tomorrow afternoon. >> and tonight was the first game out of 4 for us where we faced a significant amount of adversity and they were good teams and smooth sailing for us and i was proud of him, hung in there and executed down the stretch and finished the game. >> and in today's first elite, we pick it up in overtime and a minute and a half to go and buries the 3 and puts butler up 2 and with 10 secs to play, and with that tie and that is no good and the opposite way and write rite to kenny boyton and that is no good. it's back to the final four for butler and the other ticket is punched by arizona and uconn. the huskies walker hits the fadeaway and putting uconn up 5. 10 seconds to go and arizona down 2 and williams for the win and that is no good. the wildcats with
by letterman. then a florida judge says he will use sharia law, muslim law in a court case. are you kidding me? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. hi. well, this is where it all starts at regions. where we build each of our customers a better banking experience. hey, let's talk small business. there is some very sophisticated stuff in here. we have everything from business checking, to loans for expansion. there's even a regions cashcor analysis. but one of the best things is the personalized advice you'll get from a regions business expert. hey, mary. hi, mike. thanks. she really understands business. is your small business ready for something better? switch to regions. >> bill: body language segment tonight. >> three have three very interesting scholarships to show you. we begin with hillary clinton who some believe is the driving force in libya. >> we have read repeatedly that you were decisive in this. did you persuade president obama? was yours the voice that turned around the opponents? >> that is absolutely um, you know, i think part of a story line that needs to be corrected soon
texas to florida. and there is that wet weather and cool weather from new york up through boss on. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. sunny and nice in florida, 81 in orlando, keeps up your streak of just a gorgeous spring. columbus ohio today, 68 degrees, a little windy, too. we won't see rain all day, but early showers. kansas city nice at 77. >>> and lynn, we're not country ye done yet, we'll see a snowstorm in the plains tomorrow. >> just seems appropriate for the way the winter has been. >> it does. >>> also coming up, gas does another jump at the bump, and best american city to find a job in. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. sglus sgloo plus did bradley cooper's new thriller about brain power have limitst potential at the box office? >>> coming up, a trail of upsets in the ncaa tournament and an inspiring story of one college athlete who refused to let anything stop him from reaching the top. a good story. you're watching "early today." >> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlin
of the suspect. >> a bittersweet day he read wbal as one of our colleagues had to southwest florida. >> and we go to the circus to see a very familiar ring master. >> see how the weather falls into place for the baltimore area. right now, at 42 at the airport, 45 at the inner harbor. >> a freshman in high school is the nationwide a winner of the invent and invest contest. he invented a bass guitar drawn using wood, a 5 gallon bucket, and rubber bands. his winning prize is a trip for four to universal studios, tickets to meet the blue man group. also, he gets $5,000 and another $5,000 goes to the school. it is aimed at community outreach and getting creativity back into the classroom. officials are getting ready for circus totem. workers spent hours in the cold weather getting everything ready. the big top sits more than 2600 people and will take eight days to get set up. >> we often see rob roblin clowning around, but last night he was not a clown. he was the ringmaster. that is right, he was last night's guest week master at the famous ringling brothers and barnum and bailey -- last night's gues
, a smaller storm. it's still warm from kansas city to texas, florida is warm. it's mild. but once you get to washington, d.c., it gets a little cooler in the 40s. once you get to new england, it's in the 30s. that's where the problems are this morning. a weak storm system, not a lot with it. just a little bit of moisture. but it's going to be the borderline temperatures and that's why we're going to see areas in snow in areas like boston. hartford, probably seeing a little bit of snow this morning. new york city could get some sleet, changing over to rain. here's the storm system, just enough cold air in place that we're getting this wintry mess. on our radar, the green and the yellows is the rain. the pink is the freezing rain or sleet and the white is snow. it's snowing pretty good now, the northeast corner of pennsylvania, even the highest elevations of northwest new jersey are getting snow. these are areas that were 70 degrees on friday and now this morning, you're waking up to some snowflakes. and we've got the snow now that's going to try to spread through the catskills. watch throu
-bound students, particularly african-american students and students going to their favorite institution, florida a and m university, which bestowed an honorary doctorate to bernard. recently the kinseys have also become known for the collection of african-american art, boorkss and manuscripts that document the story of the african-american community. it's called the -- called the kinsey collection, shared treasures of bernard and shirley kinsey, where art and history intersect. it's been on tour to six city as -- cities and opened at the national museum of american history at the smithsonian institute and we anticipate more than 2.5 million folks will visit that exhibit. how's that for success? terrific. their wonderful book it that documents the kinsey collection has been selected by the florida department of education for the curriculum to team african-american studies to 3.6 million students throughout the state. so that's also a wonderful accomplishment. it's indeed mip pleasure to welcome a man to waves a wonderful cultural narrative of a people. please, give a warm welcome to bernard kinse
in the forecast. >>> develop news in florida after a rash of storms and tornadoes swept through central florida this afternoon. we are receiving new video of the damage. an amateur photographer captured one of the twisters near tampa. the storm system tore apart a nearby convenience store. >> all of this sudden, we heard someone hollered tornado. that's when all of the insulation picked up and blew off. >> the high winds damaged vintage biplanes that were in town for an air show. storm damage was reported across the state of florida. on capitol -- >>> on capitol hill, they're trying to avoid a government shutdown. house republicans want to cut more than $60 billion from the budget. members of the tea party or at the capitol this afternoon and they want to hit the number and don't want anything less. the tea party patriots rallied outside the capital. potential presidential candidates michele bachman was among them. >>> in libya government leaders outlined the strategy to decrease their involvement in the conflict. >> but authorization has been given for secret operations on the g
winds ripped through central florida. take a look. spanning at least one tornado. winds strong enough to easily flip planes like this one in orlando. there were reports of overturned semis and downed trees. reynolds wolf tracking this for us. this has been an incredible week. >> and we have a long way to go and a long day today. we have the frontal boundary across florida. we have heavy thunderstorms. we have a couple of tornado warnings. you'll notice a couple that cover part of the state. that will be in effect 1:00 local time. tornado warnings, over towards orange county in central florida, we have a couple of spots. these are not visually confirmed but are doppler indicated. these storms are rotating. they could spawn a couple of tornados. you might want to take cover immediately. things should get better as this line of storms comes through. then talking about the space coast across parts of the banana river. straight line winds, maybe large hail. of course heavy rainfall might cause some flooding. something else it will be causing? this will not be a shock, some delays. especial
reserves. the gentleman from florida is recognized. mr. nugent: mr. speaker, i yield 3 1/2 minutes to the gentleman from colorado, mr. lamborn. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado is recognized for 3 1/2 minutes. mr. lamborn: thank you, mr. speaker. thank you for yielding. i rise today in support of this rule, house resolution 174 and the underlying bill, my legislation, h.r. 1076, to prohibit federal funding of national public radio and the use of federal funds to acquire radio content. it is time for american citizens to stop funding an organization that can stand on its own feet. long before any of the recent news stories on videos or the juan williams fiasco, i sponsored legislation in congress to pull the plug on taxpayer funding for n.p.r. i enjoy some programs on n.p.r., but i have long believed it can stand on its own. the pointed issue is not the quality or content of programming on n.p.r., the point is not the degree to which americans support the arts, radio news, and educational programs, the point today is whether government programs and services that
skilling. this is a breaking story with reports of 70 people trapped in an airport in florida following a tornado and severe weather the warning is in effect for central and southwestern the national weather service spotted a tornado near clear water moving east at 15 m.p.h. the tornado will travel here or through town and country can't but east and officials are telling residents to find shelter and to lease to 1:00 p.m.. the defense secretary robert gates defending the obama administration's decision to intervene with military action in libya telling the house armed services committee that the president is trying to prevent a humanitarian disaster that could destabilize the middle east. transitioning to a supporting role committing ground troops to this note not committing ground troops to the civil war. . >> training command and control and some organization and frankly there are many countries that can do that. that is not a unique capability of the united states as far as i'm concerned. someone else should do that. . >> critics of the intervention says the u.s. does not know enoug
at half staff. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. >> when you're down there sipping orange juice in florida, you can explain baltimore history to everyone down in florida. >> and how i don't you have to come to see the new interactive imax. >> it's worth coming back for periodic visits. >> now before we go, you got to do it for everyone on the number one station on tv. we're not happy you're leaving but you have to do a grand baltimore fort mchenry hazah! >> hazahh! are you awake? >> how perfect that he was there to say goodbye to you. he does have tons of energy. and you deserve it. as we continue our farewell to sandra, we have a problem to report on the eastbound ramp, descendant, single vehicle there. a disabled tractor-trailer. other than that, just dealing with a little bit of slow going out there, because it is wet out there on the road. so if you can leave early, delays forming on the west side. 43 miles an hour past 795. 45 on southbound 95 coming down the beltway northeast. >> we'll show you what it looks like at the scene of that disabled tractor-trailer partially blocking the ra
florida estÁ confeccionando trajes antinucleares para ayudar con la emergencia atÓmica en japón. ♪ (este es su noticiero univisiÓn ediciÓn nocturna) >> buenas noches, comenzamos el noticiero univisiÓn revisión nocturna con japÓn. la lucha por evitar una catÁstrofe nuclear sigue concentrando el esfuerzo del paÍs y la atenciÓn del mundo.-ei el g7 dijo va a intervenir a los mercados de divisas para july ferrer estÁ en vivo con las Últimas informaciones de japÓn. >> lo Último que tenemos es que los militares no piensan utilizar la fuerza aÉrea para enfriar los reactores. en un esfuerzo por evitar una catÁstrofe las labores en japÓn tratan de restaurar el sistema de refrigeraciÓn de la planta nuclear fukushima. Éstas se intensifican mientras el mundo estÁ atento ante la posible propagaciÓn de radioactividad. en estados unidos se espera que a las costas de california lleguen partÍculas radiactivas de bajar concentraciÓn.h@ >> la situaciÓn en japón continÚa siendo grave, reactores nucleares noiv-edi nu@ not univ-edicion nh@m y en noreste de japÓn siguen expulsando humo
and the florida gators. the most ridiculous shot of the tournament. 63-58, florida. joshua smith, a one. game, florida up by just that point. walker avoids the turnover. the gators move on, 73-65. brian roberts took flight bought -- batting practice without issued today. a pep talk before the game, minnesota against the phillies. bases loaded, this is why the brought him in. the orioles take a 1-0 lead. the good times did not last all that long. a two-run shot, giving up four runs. stay with us, a look at the my husband is downloading his "fantasy league" photos downstairs. we're exposed to web viruses that could annihilate our savings. that will not happen. i switched to kaspersky. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software. jen shops online for about an hour a day. web viruses could obliterate our finances. we're good. we switched to kaspersky. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software. >> that moon was spectacular. >> and is still out there and will be out there until sunrise. tomorrow morning it will be big. it looks a little squishy because we had stretched out
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him and his people would die to protect his regime. >>> florida is hoping rain will bring some relief. wildfires have shot down i-95 in vol v volutia and bravard. >>> char lee sheen tells cnn piers morgan he is clean, sober, and angry. >> it's been a tsunami of media and i've been riding it on a mergery surfboard. right off the bat. sorry. no. i'm on a mission right now. it's an operation actually to -- to -- to -- write -- write some terrible wrongs because there have been some things that have happened as a result of, you know, of -- of -- of rehab or crisis management. the show's temporary suspension thus far and -- and i just think it's important that -- that people hear the truth and hear it from me because i'm at the epi center of every single moment of what is going on in this thing. >> sheen conceded maybe he should have been a little quieter and softer in dealing with his bosses, thorough. >>> in libya this hour the protests grow larger in the streets and criticism larger in the international community. one hour from now secretary of state hillary clinton appears on capitol h
and florida. leading scorer in the nation, jim fredette missed a shot but he heated up when he needed it most. he had 32. it remained tied and on to overtime. that's when florida pulled away. gators knocked down a pair of threes and the cougars never recovered. florida advanced with an 83-74 overtime win. >>> walker struggled early against san diego and then went on a scoring spree. he finished with 36. it remained close until the end. a costly turnover, and the huskies went the other way. jeremy lam with the dagger. uconn upset san diego state 74-67. they'll play arizona. >>> butler had their way with wisconsin. the number eight seed looked like the team that went to the title game last year. like arizona, they pulled away early in the second. at one point they were up by 20. went on to win it, 64-54. next up, florida. >>> finally, the north carolina tar heels gave their fans something to cheer about and they didn't even play. the tar heels turned a lay-up drill into a dunk contest yesterday. player after player went through the line and showed off their best jams. even coach roy williams en
of tampa, florida. another alert coming in. also word of a law enforcement warning about mexican drug cartel members plotting to kill american agents on the american side of the border. welcome, everyone, to a busy "america live" on a thursday. i'm megyn kelly. a couple of hours ago, reports came from the office of texas congressman michael mccall, alerting us to a law enforcement bulletin that went out warning that mexican gangsters were overheard threatening to kill immigration enforcement agents and texas rangers stationed along the border. is this what it's come to? william la jeunesse joins us now. >> reporter: the congressman was introducing legislation to require the state department to classify mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. that would allow their assets to be frozen. the bulletin is a warning and reminder that all law enforcement, police, sheriffs, border patrol, are always at risk. it's not just about stopping illegals, but drugs, drugs worth a lot of money. and that the armed cartels put a lot of value on that and no value on human life. according to th
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the coast of a frightful sight for one kayaker off the coast of florida. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with gaining ground. coalition forces launched a third night of attacks across libya's capital, prying open a window of opportunity for rebels fighting to regain their grip on parts of the embattled country. the shift in momentum has highlighted the disorganization among the rebels, heightening fears of a potentially long, drawn out civil war. richard engle filed this report late last night. >> reporter: rebels celebrated a victory that wasn't theirs, but which may have saved their lives. these government armored vehicles and artillery were headed into benghazi when they were attacked by western air strikes. if this much firepower had reached the city, gadhafi would almost have certainly retain benghazi. >> they think it's okay to attack benghazi people. they destroyed completely. >> reporter: now the rebels are on the offensive again. on a highway, we saw rebels heading to the front lines. the rebels fir
in maryland. so today's forecast, the stormy weather will be down here in florida. don't feel bad for them, they've had a gorgeous spring and they need the wet weather to avoid getting the fires. as far as the rain goes, we've also had numerous showers and storms rolling true greater atlanta area. then by savannah, georgia, some showers and downpours. in florida, heavy rain reported around sarasota, all the white flashes are live lightning strikes that you're watching. so a lot of activity with these thunderstorms as they travel for the heaviest of it south of i-4. as far as the forecast for the rest of the country, where it's cold at least it will be sunny and dry from new york to boston up through new england and northern plains. the southeast, it's either raining or wet or rather cold where you are. so that's how it's going to look. now here's a look at the weather where you are. philadelphia 45 and sunny. phoenix, arizona one of the only spots in the country seeing temperatures on the warm side. 82. oklahoma city, cloudy and 55 today. chicago, cold for you.'s the be. >>> a bankruptcy f
. in florida, more wicked weather pounded pants of the state. golf ball sized hail rained down in orlando. the fast-moving storms overturned a small plane and toppled trees on to roads and homes. at one point, leaving some 70,000 homes without power. >>> in california, part of highway 101 has been closed to traffic after heavy rains triggered a mudslide in the northern part of the state. much of the road was heavily damaged, crumbled under the weight of tons of mud and rock. one school district in the area has canceleded classes for the rest of the week due to transportation and food delivery concerns. >>> and in missouri, the spring snow didn't stop one couple from tying the knot on their field of dreams. the two lifelong cardinals fans has always planned to wed in busch stadium. as the snow fell, they said i do at home plate. hopefully the cards won't have the same fate today when they take on the san diego padres on major league baseball's opening day. so sweet. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel fore
-through experience comes inside to settle the matter. it goes without saying that this happened in florida. you'll see the full video. wow. we'll show you that full video a little later. >>> first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. six days now into "operation odyssey dawn" moammar gadhafi's forces are showing signs of weakening. overnight antiaircraft fire lit up the skies in tripoli where coalition airplanes hit a key fuel depot. gadhafi had to roll back from misrata. u.n. has warships patrolling off the libyan coast to enforce arms embargo. all those cruise missiles and bombs haven't stopped the ground fighting. this is a key question, what to do about what's happening in the ground. the rebels were under heavy fire yesterday about 100 miles to the south of benghazi. as you're about to see, our own chief foreign correspondent richard engel is with them and got about as close as you'd ever want to. >> reporter: the road outside benghazi is a grave yard of gadhafi's armored vehicles destroyed by western air strikes. after an hour and a half driving south flan
there! >> and too close for comfort. a kayaker in florida meets a >> and too close for comfort. a kayaker in florida meets a monster of the deep. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. we will not surrender. those words, the defiant libyan leader moammar gadhafi, who made his first public appearance in a week. despite the allied-imposed no-fly zone, libyan troops continued their unrelenting attacks against rebel-held cities where conditions are described as desperate. the u.s. military says it is considering all options. explosions were heard in tripoli this morning. and susan mcginnis is in washington with more on this story. good morning, susan. >> hi, good morning, betty. the mission in libya is accomplishing its goal, including grounding gadhafi's air force. but as criticism of the operation grows, along with the cost, the u.s. is looking to hand off control. despite a fourth night of allied air strikes pounding libya, leader moammar gadhafi refuses to back down. appearing for the first time since the attacks began, he
. but in the month since, rubio's kept the lowest of profiles, focusing on florida and turning down all national tv interviews until now. senator rubio invited us to spend a couple days with him. for a behind the scenes look at the life of a freshman senator. where you have to wait months before you get a chance to choose your real office. you're not going to have a lot to choose from -- >> here's the deal. these are the members that are left to pick, so, right now, we're on 85. each of them will go pick and then, you know, i'm here at 95. i'm actually 95. >> reporter: that's not bad. >> did i move up? did something happen overnight? >> reporter: he's only been here 11 weeks, but he already attracts more attention than his more powerful colleagues. on the way to one meeting, he passed by a plaque marking the office of the last senator to come to washington with so much fanfare. >> we're lost. we're still learning the building. we know where obama's office was, though, president obama. >> reporter: rubio is unflin unflinchingly conservative. the photograph in his office? newt gingrich. his parents f
sur de la florida. ... anunciÓ hoy que otro grave caso universitarios a alumnos graduados de escuelas privadas y pÚblicas de secundaria que desean estudiar en la florida y tengan buenas calificaciones. lucÍa nos explica cuÁles son los requisitos y los beneficios de esta iniciativa. >> las cifras son alarmantes. mÁs de un millÓn de adolescentes latinos abandonan sus estudios secundarios cada aÑo en estados unidos. solo 52% de los alumnos hispanos terminan sus estudios universitarios comparado con 78% de los anglosajones. en respuesta a esta triste realidad educativa surge una esperanza para cambiar el futuro de los estudiantes latinos. la ruta de este progreso se encuentra en el sur de la florida. la instituciÓn universitaria que alberga mÁs hispanos en el paÍs acaba de lanzar una nueva ley que ampliarÁ el acceso a miles de estudiantes anualmente. para el doctor eduardo padrÓn, presidente de dicha instituciÓn, el aprendizaje superior no es un privilegio si no una necesidad. >> el tÍtulo universitario hoy en dÍa es la Única llave, el Único pasaporte a una verdadera vida
arrived to find smoke pouring from the garage. no one was hurt. >>> to a developing story -- in florida, for the second time in one week, an air-traffic controller has been suspended. this controller caused a close call between a southwest flight that was headed for orlando international airport and a small plane that was headed for kissimmee florida. >> faa officials say a commercial jet full of passengers came dangerously close to another plane. it was at the request of an air traffic controller in orlando. this is what the real-life scenario looked like, a commercial jet with 137 passengers flying at an altitude of 12,000 feet and some 10 miles behind a small private plane flying at 11,000 feet. faa officials say this was not an accident that the onset that aspect of this is that they did not know what the guy's a little airplane might do. >> or was in there. that's the essence of the war cannot the small plane had been out of radio contact for one hour. >>> >> lack of communication can be a red flag for terrorism. the air traffic controller, but the unusual idea to have the southwes
.c.u. with a four-point lead on the seminoles of florida state. 65-61. with that we welcome you to "road to the final four." greg gumbel along with greg anthony, kenny smith and charles barkley. just a terrific game and as i said to you when you walked back into the studio you have to give all the credit in the world to john calipari. charles: that's one to have reasons i picked kentucky to win. a lot of guys say he hasn't won the big one. the guy is a hell of a coach. they played a fantastic game. first of all take your hat off to ohio state. they had a fantastic season. that was a great basketball game. but kentucky, they pretty much played a perfect game. they got the tempo they wanted. they basically walked the ball up and down the court and ran an iceo every time. -- iso every time. cal made a good adjustment because he did not double. none of those three-point shooters got going because he never doubled sullinger. that's what happened when they played george mason. they didn't stop either. calipari said if sullinger can get 40, we're not losing. take your hat off to john calipari.
at 11. >>> celebrations kicking off at the florida auto race. it takes a scary turn. >> what happened to an airplaneas it attempted to make a dramatic landing as part of the opening ceremony. >>> mother nature hit the pause button on spring. we will show you what virginia woke up to monday morning when "good morning maryland" continues. >>> so much for spring fever. that's for sure. parts of southwest virginia got socked with a spring snowstorm on monday and the roadways became slippery. snow covered streets are maimed for an 11-car crash -- blamed for an 11-car crash on route 460. >>> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >>> we showed you that on the radar yesterday morning. we were watching it on sunday morning. so two hits of wentry weather to the south. -- within the -- wintery weather to the south. temperatures are into the lower 30s. they are near and below freezing not only here in baltimore but from witchmond and norfolk. the cold air made itself known. and with the sunshine, we will try to get back to 52 our two de
beneficiadosisionunivis captura a solicitud de la corte en florida donde tiene una causa, intervino la agencia estadounidense antinarcÓticos. >> el senador republicano marco ionio se pronunciÓ a faero unde nvisionotio univnnoero unionini isiona.noticiunivisun ionh@univisionnoticiero univisii ivisionnoticiero univisionunivis >> del gobierno de estados unidos ivisiodicen que encontra iodo radioactivo en dos estados de la costa oeste, lo atribuyen. ero un en otras noticias el senador republicano por la florida, rubio se pronunciÓ a favor de que estados unidos participe en una acciÓn militar aliada en libia. mando unas cartas aptoero un bipartidista que autorice al civ presidente obama a tomar esa decisiÓn. >> las fuerzas del lÍder libio gadafiticierivisioh@noticiero un sigan conquistando ciudades en manos de los rebeldes pero quÉ i ocurre cuando los soldados entran en estas ciudades controladas por los rebeldes. la respuesta la tiene nuestro corresponsal de televisa. >> la ciudad de (..) a 180 km de bengasi estÁ destruida. Éstas son algunas de las enormes destrucciones que ha hecho las
game between aaron's alma mater, vcu, and florida state. it is all in this morning's sports in a minute. >>> good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins with march madness, virginia commonwealth playing florida state for a spot in the elite eight. seven seconds to play in overtime rams down one on the inbound, joey rodriguez passes to bradford burgess and he puts it up and in. burgess went for 26 points. last chance for fsu, chris singleton for the win but rob brandon burg says, i don't think so. shaka smart jumping for joy. virginia commonwealth beats florida state, 72-71. the rams advance for the elite eight. for the first time, vcu will play the winner of this game. number 12, richmond taking on number one seed kansas. before the game in the tunnel, richmond is about to take the floor and the kansas players are trying to get by while pushing and shoving breaks out. on the court, kansas, just too much for richmond, the jayhawks defeat the spiders 77-57. richmond had a heck of a season. >>> hometown hockey, capitals on the road in ottawa, michal neuvirth was supposed to start but
touring for just $319 a month. ♪ >>neil: unions are now targeting ohio and florida. in ohio protesters shouted down the governor as he tried to deliver the state of the state address upset with plans to cut collective bargaining rights. protests also happening this hour in florida after the governor's big speech. the state representative knows what it is like. he has been targeted bit teachers' union and joins us on the phone. this is a pattern playing out. what have you experienced, sir? >>guest: i was out there today and we had hundreds, in the thousands. and there were tea party groups out there, as well, and i say this is good fore -- for democracy but that is not what we are seeing in other states. >>neil: in your state the rap against what reverends doing is you are being unfair to teachers and saddling them with the costs of trying to get the budget back in balance. >>guest: i had 80 teachers picketing my office and i talked to most of them and i explained we have $3.6 billion budget deficit and families are tightening their belt and we as state government have to balance our bu
you for your time tonight. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate it. >>> florida governor rick scott lays out his radical agenda, calling for draconian cuts. republicans are also going after him, but wait until you hear about governor scott's questionable past. former florida congressman alan grayson will expos the shady past. it will be interesting. that's coming up next. ♪ vo: what if the best looking phone in the room... ...also had brains. and let you watch your favorite movies... find the best restaurants... play xbox live... and keep up with your friends. if it had that and this... shouldn't you have one. yes you should. get the only phone with office, xbox live and thousands of apps. get a windows phone for $99.99 at at&t. >>> al simpson has said crazy things in the past, but nothing about a poopy dog before. that madness when we come back. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portf
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